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Morning Negotiations by ynorka
Topless Cullen.. by ynorka
Words of Farewell by NorroenDyrd
Dread Wolf 2 by ynorka
Player Characters and OCs

Mature Content

Wild Beings by elflovin
Gray Warden by Levaia
DAI-i am pretty sick of your shit hey by RocCenere
DAI-beetroots by RocCenere
Companions and NPCs
Morrigan by visovrt
Solas Full Body by Amarantramentum
Cole - Dragon Age: Inquisition by x-Beyond-B

Mature Content

Dragon Age Asunder - Cole by x-Beyond-B
Groups and Scenes
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Chibi Companions by StupidFlyingXXFOX
Hinterlands by Sairped
Entropy mage by Gauntletto
Inquisition by daniemblem
[DA] Dorian Pavus and David Trevelyan by Chenria
Cole Wanted a Kiss by x-Beyond-B
Breaking the Couch In by x-Beyond-B

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Meeting in the fade by LELLENA
The Dark Side
Cosplay Design: Magister Gereon Alexius by Arkneos404
DA: The Sad Wolf's Jaws by Idokrasi
FA: Alduin vs Urthemiel + (with Speedpaint) by ShizukaTW
Dragon age - Falon'Din by xXxAnnaXx
Cosplay and Photomanipulations
Fenhawke - Modern AU by Yukilefay
Morrigan- The Swamp Witch by LauraJ94
Inquisitor Lavellan by RhavanielCreations
Don't tell Varric! by paszulyEstonia
Artisan Crafts
DAI Halla by Kistehvost
Dragon Age Alistair Plush by TRFan1999
Cullen's Lucky coin by RhavanielCreations
DAI Solas sculpture by Kistehvost
Offering by IrisSeptim

Mature Content

Laurelinad Hawke - 181, 182, 183,..., 189 by VermouthWorks

Mature Content

Laurelinad Hawke - 172, 173, 174, 175,...,180 by VermouthWorks
Birth of the Dark Wolf, II, p.22 by Aldriann
Discovering Deep Secrets by NorroenDyrd

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Fool's Errand 1: Interrogation
Title: Fool's Errand 1: Interrogation
Author: R2sMuse
Game: Dragon Age 2
Characters: Cullen, Marian Hawke, Varric, Anders, Leliana
Disclaimer: Dragon Age and its characters belong to Bioware. Includes DA: Inquisition speculation and mild spoilers
Summary: Three years after allowing Marian Hawke to escape Kirkwall, a disgraced Cullen is sent on a desperate quest to find her. Can he earn her trust in time to regain what he's lost and finally redeem them all for the role they played in igniting the mage-templar war? Set in 9:40, after the events of DA2 and Asunder. Rated T, but eventually a little bit M.
9:40 Dragon
Kirkwall Gallows
Free Marches
The heavily armored men dragged him roughly down a long half-lit hallway. The surface of the ancient stone floor was uneven, having been worn down by the feet of countless slaves and prisoners. He didn't bother trying to keep his feet any longer, preferring to let the guar
:iconr2smuse:R2sMuse 4 14
Mature content
The Grey Path - Chapter One: A Day for Celebration :iconthephoenixking:ThePhoenixKing 17 14
Heart in the Tempest: Chapter 1
"RUN, GET OUT OF HERE!” The words collected into Nesira’s head as she sat in the cave, her feet pull to her chest. The memory was as real as ever. "If any of us should survive, you need to. GO!”
It had been several years ago, but she intended to never forget the terror she felt. The slaughter of those she formally called friends and family. Each one cut down like the next for existing. Nesira remembered grabbing the leader of the clan, before her hands shook as the red paint, his blood, coated her hands. ”Run.” He had whispered to her, demanding she escape to survive. She had two arrows in her shoulder, the scars still there and forever a reminder to never trust the humans of the land. She looked over at her hands even though no blood stained them. The memory stung as if it had just occurred and she could see it dripping from her fingertips.
Her mind visualized everyone lying in a pile of death and she felt as if she stood on top of them still alive yet lo
:icontiger-lylli:Tiger-Lylli 6 9
Hostium Munera
The dreary quiet of the dungeon is punctuated suddenly by the sound of footsteps - a lighthearted, cheerful melody pattering against the cold stone. The drowsy guard looks up, blinking thickly through the slits of his helmet. It is not apparent, what with the protective layer of steel shielding his (rather pudgy) body and hiding his features from view - but he is smiling. He cannot help it. No-one can; not even Seeker Pentaghast, as the rumour has it. The Herald just has this effect on people.
'Good afternoon, Godfrey!' a youthful voice chirps, as a willowy female silhouette appears against the square of light flooding in from the Chantry hall above. 'All well down here? Flissa sent you your sammich yet?'
'Good afternoon m'am!' the guard booms back, with a thick rural Fereldan accent. 'All's well, and if you'd be passing by, tell Flissa the sammich was bet'er than anything Andraste cooked for the Maker!'
The Herald snorts with laughter as she approaches Godfrey, tapping lightly at the
:iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 5 10
Mature content
I Love But You Alone - DAO :iconbucklesinthesun:BucklesInTheSun 14 17
Mature content
Kings and Queens of Promise: Series Prologue :iconsarina-hawke-theirin:Sarina-Hawke-Theirin 2 2
Knight's Bloom - 1 - Old Friends
Title: Knight's Bloom - Chapter 1: Old Friends
Author: R2sMuse
Game: Dragon Age 2
Characters/pairing: Female mage Hawke/Cullen
Disclaimer: Dragon Age and its characters belong to Bioware.
Summary: As the new Viscountess of Kirkwall, Marian Hawke needed all the friends she could get. So then why was Knight-Commander Cullen avoiding her? A story of how Hawke and Cullen navigate a new friendship in the aftermath of Battle of the Gallows, leading to an explanation for why the Viscountess ultimately left Kirkwall.
Varric leaned back in his chair as he finished his tale of the Champion of Kirkwall's rise to power. After hours of interrogation by the Seeker of Truth, he had come to his spellbinding finish, wherein the former refugee had saved the city from a mad despot and had taken the seat of Viscountess of Kirkwall.
"So that's it. That's the whole story."
The Seeker considered his words thoughtfully. "Then Meredith turn
:iconr2smuse:R2sMuse 9 2
Mature content
Lyrium and Ashes: Chapter 01 - A Sickness :iconerinm31:ErinM31 123 86
The Lyrium That Binds Us Ch 1
The Lyrium That Binds Us
Chapter 1: The Kings Army

"Carver?" A ebony haired woman called out walking into the tent.
All the boys were sitting in a circle laughing and eating. They turned to the woman as she entered. "What is it, Alex?"
"Can I talk to you for a minute?" She replied.
Carver observed her face for a moment. He wasn't sure how to take in what it was saying, she seemed pretty calm but the look in her eyes stated something else. He got up and walked out of the tent with her. They walked a few feet away from the tents and over behind some of the trees.
"What's the matter, sister?" Carver was a bit worried, and even though he tried to hold it back, it was still evident in his voice.
"Here." She handed him a small bottle
He chuckled. "Are you saying I stink?"
Alex looked at the bottle then back up to her brother. "No! I-I'm sorry. I had to put it in one of my bath oil bottles. I ran out of flasks and the shopkeeper wanted both of my arms just for one."
:iconmanda091987:manda091987 13 33
A Mage's Heart and A Knight's Love Ch 1
A Mage's Heart & A Knight's Love
Chapter 1: A Beginning to a Tale

"I've gotten gentler invitations." He said shaking his head
A woman stalked toward him, "I am Cassandra Pentaghast, Seeker of the Chantry." The woman motioned toward the door and the two men left the room.
"And just.... what are you seeking?" the dwarf questioned
"The Champion." Cassandra replied flatly
The man pulled up his hand and looked at it. "Which one?"
The woman charged toward him, threw the book in his face, and pulled a sword on him. "You know exactly why I am here! Time to start talking, dwarf. They tell me you're good at it."
"What do you want to know?" He asked nervously
"Everything," she replied, barely letting him finish. "Start at the beginning."
The man ran his hand over the two pages before him as if remembering better times.

A large group of darkspawn were closing in on Amelia and Carver. She zaps one with a Galvanism chant then another with a lightening ball. Carver takes them
:iconmanda091987:manda091987 7 11
The Mark of Fate: Chapter 1
Title: The Mark of Fate
Author: Michaela Pissott (mpissott)
Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Pairing: Victoria Trevelyan/Cullen
Disclaimer: All recognizable content belongs to Bioware.
When Cullen first met the Inquisitor, she appeared quite distressed, no doubt due to the erratic green mark emblazoned on her left hand.  She suddenly appeared from a stealthy cloak, having decapitated a lesser shade right before his eyes.  Without sheathing her dagger, she focused all her energy on the rift above them, and within moments, it disappeared.
Not wanting to give the prisoner any more recognition than she deserved, he turned to Cassandra and inquired, “Lady Cassandra, you managed to close the rift? Well done.”
“Do not congratulate me, Commander,” the Seeker elaborated, “This is the prisoner’s doing.”
At this, Cullen was forced to turn his attention to the prisoner, the possible criminal that began this whole catastrophe.  He observed her i
:iconmpissott:mpissott 39 5
DA2: Master and Disciple
Your kindness will be the death of you.
Do not misunderstand me – I respect, I envy even, the way you deal with life, but I swear to the Old Gods that it will be your undoing.
It's such a pity. You are a decent mage, and as your master I am fairly proud of you. You could aspire to great things, and with enough work and study you could become a powerful magister, feared and respected all across Tevinter.
Alas, Elrai, you are... how can I say this?, you are special, of that there is no doubt. You are as sweet, as fragile as a spring blossom, you poor thing, a little blooming flower in the middle of a tempest. How are you holding up against such a furious wind, I have no idea – it must be the fact that I am protecting you as much as I can, trying to make you see what the world is really like.
Elrai, sweet Elrai with your silly views of this world we live in! How I wish I could open those eyes of yours, make you see one way or another! How I wish you would realise what the truth
:iconmaralae:Maralae 5 17
Molly Jones: Prologue
“It’s calling me,” Molly Jones cried, thrashing wildly in her bed. “They’re coming…we have to go…Zev.”
Zevran Arainai hunched over the sweat stained pillow and sheet and gently comforted his wife. He held her closely while rocking her and whispering soft, meaningless assurances in her ear. In his heart he knew what this was. For forty-two years they had avoided it, so much so that he had truly begun to believe that taint was no longer there and that somehow, she was immune to the effects of the Calling.
But it was not so. For the past year Zevran had watched his beloved slip into a strange haze. Almost overnight, Molly’s demeanor and appearance had utterly changed. Gone was the strong mind that in war led Ferelden’s army and in peace led a nation. Her once velvety grey-green eyes became clouded and watery; her once lovely red hair turned white. And then the moaning started. There were night terrors and sweats. Zevran had the b
:iconlesliewifeofbath:Lesliewifeofbath 9 5
Mature content
My Dearest Calenhad-Chapter 1 :iconshaleene1:Shaleene1 0 4
My Lioness: Endings and Beginings
Title: My Lioness: Endings and Beginings
Author: MelpomeneTears
Game: Dragon Age 2
Characters/Pairing: Sekhmet, Carver, Bethany, Aveline, Varric
Disclaimer: Spoilers
Daggers itching in her palms she looked up at Carver.  "Are you ready?"
More than a head taller than her, his raven hair the night to her stark white day, he sneered down at her, "As ready as you are."
Her face softened, their relationship was filled with too much cruelty.  Papa would be so disappointed in them both.  She gave Carver a bit of a smile, "Don't die."
The rigid lines of his body, heavily muscled from wielding his greatsword, relaxed a little and he laughed a soft sound still tinged with a bit of bitterness but without its usual venom, "Not today."  
She couldn't read his crystalline blue eyes even though they were the mirror of her own, never could, but she hoped that he knew she loved him, and hoped that he loved her too even if they c
:iconmelpomenetears1:MelpomeneTears1 24 9
This collection features the first chapters or prologues of multi-chapter stories featured in this group as well as some exceptional single chapter stories. :)


Veil by eluari
Into the fire by eluari
Revas by eluari

Mature Content

Dragon Age Official Artwork
DA:I - Cave by MattRhodesArt
DA:I - Sunrise by MattRhodesArt
DA:I - Coronation by MattRhodesArt
DA:I - New Home by MattRhodesArt
Dragon Age Screenshots
For the Inquisition! by PollutedArt
After the Rift by amoebae
Dragon Age Inquisition Dragon at Haven by micro5797
The Iron Bull by amoebae
Stock Photos
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Sera by lAmikol
Sera Dragon Age Inquisition by Arenoth
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Sera by lAmikol
Dragon Age ~ Inquisitor by Daiyame
My Brushes by HoustonSharp
Arcane Circles-Symbols Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock
Splat Brushes by kuschelirmel-stock
Stone Texture Brushes by nathies-stock
Writing Tutorials
I definitely need someone to help with the admin duties -- at least the regular accepting of work but occasional features and journal entries are good too! I just have a lot going on -- but most of it is positive now! I have completed my Ph.D. in cellular biology and have excepted an exciting position in research! :dance: :dance: :dance:

If you would be willing to take on a leadership role in this group, please let me know! And if there are changes that you would like to make with that, I'd love to hear them. :)

The contest had to be cancelled due to lack of participants. Perhaps it is too long after DAI came out or perhaps scheduling it around the holidays was not the best idea.
More Journal Entries









Which background is your favorite for your inquisitor and why? :) 

104 deviants said Lavellan (elf) mage
56 deviants said Lavellan (elf) rogue / warrior
43 deviants said Trevelyan (human) mage
42 deviants said Trevelyan (human) rogue / warrior
23 deviants said Adaar (qunari) mage
14 deviants said Cadesh (dwarf) rogue / warrior
9 deviants said Adaar (qunari) rogue / warrior


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